Institute Lina Galvani (ILG) is dedicated to identify and support initiatives, which contribute to improve quality of life at locations where Galvani is present. Its work line purpose is to evidence potential of local players, allowing them to understand their role in community development. For this, instead of doing FOR the other, ILG principle is doing WITH the other, looking for autonomy and local strengthening. Thus, growth process is guided in a singular manner, developing projects that take demands into account and respect specific features of each region. ​In Serra do Salitre, ILG arrived in 2009, when a diagnosis was carried out, to know local community and identify its main wishes and expectations. Since then, ILG has worked to foster local development. Some of actions carried out:


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If you have questions or suggestions about our work in Serra do Salitre, please contact:

Green Line Galvani: 0800 77 486 77